S1 E26 Why I Left The Republican Party and Palin/Trump, Utah 2016 Legislative Session

January 28, 2016

Despite some technical difficulties our hosts Alain and Cris are back for another episode. This week Brian Barrow a member of the LDS Dems executive committee, joins us to share his story about leaving the Republican Party. PTSD, Palin/Trump, Gun screenings and Utah’s Legislative session.


S1 E25 Flint Michigan, Bernie vs Hillary, and Count My Vote

January 20, 2016

In 2015 how can an American city poison thousands of residents? Our hosts talk about the crumbling American infrastructure, the 2016 election, Utah's new Count My Vote Law, and our weekly Political Science Geek moment. Tell us what you think of this episode: email us at latterdayleft@gmail.com, tweet us at @latterdayleft.


S1 E 24.5 Sports Mini Is this the end of Utah VS BYU

January 15, 2016

Is the Holy War over? Will we see anothe Utah/ BYU matchup?


S1 E24 Bundy Occupation and Executive Orders

January 4, 2016

Back from our Holiday break our hosts are at it again. This week Alain and Cris discuss the on-going occupation of an Oregon bird sanctuary and a compassionate President's plea to stop gun violence.