S2 E15 Fake News, Trump Transition, and Comment Catch Up

November 25, 2016

Over a week has passed since Election Day, Alain and Cris talk about how fake news could have affected the results and what we need to know about  Trump's transition into the White House.


S2 E14 2016 Election Special, Armchair Bishops, and Where Do We Go From Here

November 11, 2016

Uncut, raw, and introspective; listen in on one of our most emotional episodes. Cris Balmanno and Anneke Garcia break down the results and discuss their reactions to the news that Trump is the president elect


S2 E13 Political Bullies, World Series, Voter Suppression

November 7, 2016

While Cris is celebrating the Cubs win in Chicago Anneke Garcia fills in to discuss this week's headlines: 13 year old Paul Harrison spoke out in an oped on being bullied for his parents' political views it struck a cord with Latter-day saints all over the nation, plus voter fraud vs Voter suppression, and a reminder to cast your vote.


S2 E12 Bundy Acquittal, Distracted Press, Vet Bonuses

November 2, 2016

Are our hosts ready to give up politics? What does the Bundy acquittal mean for our nation?  Is the media too distracted to report real news? As the 2016 presidential election looms are we ready for what's next? Our hosts take on these questions plus more of today's headlines.