S3 E31 Earth Day, Utah GOP Convention, 20 years of Harry Potter

April 25, 2018

From NASA to Earth Day there is so much to talk about this week our hosts had to shorten their list. Topics include, 20 years of Harry Potter, UT GOP Convention, Gulf Stream, the Beatitudes, listener questions.


S3 E11 Multiple States of America, Martin Luther, NAACP

November 1, 2017

Alain and Cris go down the rabbit hole and examine a possible breakup of the United States. Remembering the 500 anniversary of Martin Luther’s protest and Alain meets a civil rights hero. Plus a rare lightning round; Spain, JFK, Senator Flake (LDS integrity).


S1 E21 Joan of Arc, the Divinity of America, and Terror in CA

December 5, 2015

12-04-2015 Has the US fulfilled its divine purpose? What does Joan of Arc have to do with it? These questions answered plus a touch of sports. If you like our show don’t forget to donate at LDSdems.org.