S2 E6 Native American Protests, Face Book Censorship, Saturday’s Voyeur

September 13, 2016

Cris Balmanno is back! The largest gathering of Native Americans in 150 years took place this week. Our hosts discuss what makes this protest so poignant. Cris our resident IT guy gives us Apple Issues 101:  what the EU back taxes mean for the company and if head phone cords are a thing of the past. Should Facebook censor iconic images? Plus one giant rant that will get everyone talking.


S1 E32 Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely: A State Under One Party Rule

March 1, 2016

The old adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” applies to any state with one party rule. This week our hosts name names and delve into what it means to be benevolent, praiseworthy, and of good report. Let us know how you feel about this episode by emailing us at latterdayleft@gmail.com or tweet us at @latterdayleft.


S1 E31 State Sovereignty and Hate Crimes

February 26, 2016

What is state sovereignty? When is a crime a hate crime? Why is Trump on top and what the Pope joined the discussion. This and more from our father and son duo.


S1 E26 Why I Left The Republican Party and Palin/Trump, Utah 2016 Legislative Session

January 28, 2016

Despite some technical difficulties our hosts Alain and Cris are back for another episode. This week Brian Barrow a member of the LDS Dems executive committee, joins us to share his story about leaving the Republican Party. PTSD, Palin/Trump, Gun screenings and Utah’s Legislative session.


S1 E10 A Pope A Speaker and An Apostle

September 30, 2015

America says hello to Pope Francis, goodbye to a speaker, and an Apostle passed away. This week the guys have so much to talk about they even weigh in on corporate greed and our Heavenly Father’s patience.


S1 E1 Inaugural Podcast: SCOTUS Week, WWC, Confederate Flag

July 1, 2015

SCOTUS week begins our journey into podcasting. Introducing our father and son team: Alain Balmanno a constitutional law expert and Cris Balmanno a tech expert and all around sports fan.