S1 E48 Solitary Confinement, Rape Culture, Gun Rights, Hillary’s Nomination

June 15, 2016

Solitary Confinement, rape culture, illegal valedictorians, and the 2nd amendment. So many topics all from a liberal LDS perspective


S1 E47 The New Sharing Economy, Saying Goodbye to Ali, and Pay Day Lenders

June 9, 2016

We explore the new sharing economy and ask what do we do after jobs?   We also revisit a few topics and remember Civil Rights icon Mohammad Ali.


S1 E46 From The Archives: PayDay Loan Mini

June 6, 2016

We are digging into our archives and bringing you a segment of season 1 episode 12 for this Latter-Day Left mini episode.  We discuss the payday loan industry, how it affects Utahns, and the faith. Be sure to catch our regular episode where revisit the topic and discuss the passing of Mohamad Ali plus more.


S1 E45 Bears Ears and Utah’s Anti Federal Govt Crusade

June 1, 2016

From the first request to establish a Bears Ears National Monument to the current debate in Utah this episode talks straight about the differing sides of the issue. Plus Cris and Alain also answer a few listener questions.


S1 E44 Bathrooms and Cash For Criminals

May 25, 2016

Bathrooms, Public Transportation, and Cash For Criminals so many topics to address this week. Our hosts also take on the idea of a Las Vegas NFL team.


S1 E43 Money, Technology, and The Law

May 16, 2016

Is technology advancing too quickly for our legal system to keep up with? Should we all be using $2 bills? Plus some ideas on how to pay teachers like our favorite athletes.


S1 E42 Executive Powers and The Miitary

May 15, 2016

Our resident constitutional law expert, Alain Balmanno, clarifies some aspects of executive powers, how they relate to the military, and in what situations Congress must officially declare war. Email us at latterdayleft@gmail.com and weigh in.


S1 E40 International News and Sexual Assault and BYU

April 19, 2016

This episode does contain adult themes  and may not be suitable for small ears. In this increasingly small world why should a Latter-Day Saint care about international affairs?  Sexual assault and the BYU honor code is in the news; what is fact and what is fiction? These questions answered and more.


S1 E39 Equality in Sports and CA’s $15 Minimum Wage

April 6, 2016

Our hosts take on the debate over a higher minimum wage vs costs to small business and compensation given to women vs men in the pantheon of sport. Plus new ways to help your fellow man.


S1 E38 A Visit From Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams

April 5, 2016

Ben McAdams stopped by the podcast this week. The mayor of Salt Lake County and former chair of LDS Dems discussed his on going effort to solve homelessness and other plans to tackle our growing population. In this candid interview McAdams shares his view on faith and why he is a Democrat. If you are interested in finding out more about Ben email him at benmcadams@gmail.com